Word and Excel open slow

Word and Excel open very slowly on double clicking any document file

Known Problem: Clicking on any Microsoft Office Document file (Word or Excel) causes a very long delay before the program loads and displays the selected document's contents! This delay has been found to be between 1.5 - 3 minutes!

However, if you actually open Word first and choose Words MENU [File] then [Open] to open any document there is no abnormal delay (document view occurs at normal speed).

Fault Background: In my research, I have found that the very popular Kodak EasyShare program often causes this problem! I have documented many cases - and all over the years. Some of the older versions of the Kodak 'EasyShare' software have been found to cause such 'glitches' with the Microsoft Office programs - however, there is a working solution shown here:


Step 1: Simply remove the Kodak Easy Program, using the Windows ADD / REMOVE feature in the control panel. Once that is complete, re-start Windows and then test opening a Word Office (or Excel, etc) document by double-clicking the document file.

Step 2: Install the latest Kodak Easy Share Software direct from Kodak's Internet website at either: http://www.kodak.com/ or http://www.kodak.com.au/

KODAK EASYSHARE Software - WINDOWS Operating Systems:

NOTE: An updated APPLE QUICKTIME Player is also required for some of Kodak Easyshare software features. I recommend that you additionally download the latest version of the QUICKTIME Player from Apple:

Once the two above updates are installed, I suggest you restart your computer.

The Office Document problem is normally fully resolved and now you have the latest stable (working) Kodak EasyShare software edition.

The later versions of Kodak EasyShare have been fully tested to resolve this problem (Microsoft documents being SLOW to OPEN)!

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